Frequently Asked Questions

We know you've got questions and we love to answer them, so read through below where we provide answers to those most frequently asked.

What is the best time for waves in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has a fairly long wave season coincides with the Northern Hemisphere fall/winter/spring from September to April. The season usually kicks off in September at the peak of hurricane season, with a few clean swells from nearby storms. As the season progresses, the likelihood of larger swells from big winter storms moving off the continental US increases and usually peaks around March. April is the tail end of the season but waves have been known to continue well into May some years. In a nutshell, you could score anytime between September-April, but even if you don’t get a big swell during your stay there are plenty of waves which break more than 300 days of the year that will keep us busy.

What is the best airport to fly into?

There are two main airports in Puerto Rico, San Juan international (SJU) and Aguadilla (BQN). In our experience, SJU is the best option as it receives the most traffic and offers more variety in terms of carriers and flight times. We will pick you up from either one but we do prefer SJU as this is where the majority of our guests arrive.

How much bodyboarding can I expect to do during my stay?

You can expect to quite literally “surf your ass off” during your time with us. The official number is 4 hours per day (working on an average across 7 days) but we often times exceed this. The camp essentially revolves around Bodyboarding and improving your skills and experience. The best way to do this is by spending time in the water so that is our main activity.

Do I have to be a good Bodyboarder to attend?

No. You just need to know how it swim and have a teachable spirit, a fun attitude and an interest in improving.

What happens if you have varying levels of ability on the same camp?

We split up our sessions accordingly. We keep our groups small, with a maximum of 4 people per camp. This allows Jared to divide his attention accordingly between each individual so that everyone can get the most out of the experience. Where possible, we will try to find common ground to maintain the group atmosphere and encourage peer learning and mentoring but with the variety of waves on within a very short distance we often enjoy two short sessions on any given morning at two different waves to give each level a chance to thrive,

Are there beginner to intermediate “friendly” waves near the camp?

Yes, we have a huge variety of waves within a 25 minute radius of our home base in Islote, Arecibo. We have beach breaks, point break, river mouth, hollow reef breaks, soft reef breaks and wedge setups. There is quite literally something for everyone and Jared knows the area like the back of his hand, always working to ensure our campers get the most out of each days conditions.

What is an average day like on camp?

We rise with or before the sun, at 6am. Breakfast is served at 6:30am and once everyone is done eating we load up the truck and aim to leave for the beach by 7am. Depending on days conditions and how many spots we check, we’re usually on the beach between 7:15 – 8am. We can spend up to 4-5 hours at the beach in the morning depending on group moral/conditions and we aim to be back at base by midday , hungry and ready for lunch which is served at 1pm. Following lunch, we have free time scheduled until 4pm. Campers can use this time to relax as they please,nap, watch a movie,read a book, hydrate, call family etc. We reconvene at 4pm and and depending on conditions, we either head back to the beach for a second session or go and see some nearby sights, have a swim, a stretch or simply continue to relax. We aim to wind down each day with a stretch before sunset and dinner is served at 7pm. After dinner, we discuss the days events, and formulate a rough plan for the next before getting a good nights sleep. Guests are welcome to stay up as late as they wish, although up until this point, not many have lasted past 9pm.




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